Jul 6, 2009

The highs and lows of water

I am not talking about the tides here, but the emotions caused by water. The first photo is some sinister looking mould growing at the base of the pulpit in St Michael's church. It was discovered on Friday and looks like it is coming from the depths of the earth. It is moving fast and looks bad. It is probably caused by the huge amounts of water used to put the fire out 3 years ago. The combination of damp floors and heat have probably created an ideal environment for yucky mould production. The worry is that it could have spread a long way. Other bits are popping up at the edge of the new flooring in the choir. The annoying thing is the time and energy it will take to deal with it. Having it looked at, investigated, decisions about it, arguments about treatment and if we need to take the floor up. Then all the stuff about paying for it. None of this was on the training agenda at theological collage! On the bright side, look at the fun Grace and I had on Thursday playing in the water and sand. That is a much better use of H2O.

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