May 13, 2009

Not bad for a bunch of villians

The title of this entry was a quote from one of the lads doing work in the churchyard under the community payback scheme. Restoring the pathway is just one of the great improvements they have made, not least the cutting back of shrubbery and self seeded saplings that have been running free for years. I hope they are able to keep up the work, and it is clear from their reaction that they are proud of their work.The lead thieves have struck again, except this time they have stolen the worthless lead substitute which makes me wonder what goes through their heads. Security cameras have recently been approved by the DAC, (Thank you) so we should be able to watch them in action soon. In the meantime, it's more inconvenience and expense.

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Anonymous said...

So nice to see the churchyard being tidied up. Several of my Clark and Darling ancestors are buried there, and My father was born and bred in Newburn. As far as I know, Clarks Hill walk is named after my great grandparents whose house was on that site.