Sep 8, 2008

Contractors rumble on

Back in March we had the handover and opening of St Michael's Church. Today 8th September and work is still not completed. This morning I am meeting the contractors who will fit the opening and closing mechanism to the bell tower door. There is outstanding work on the seats, the electrical work, soundproofing and carpeting. I really am ready for the work to be finished completely and hope it's soon. On a lighter note, Gill and I had a most eventful weekend. Walking the dag on Saturday morning and we were hit by a four foot long, hefty tree branch which fell as we walked under it. It got Gill on the head and me on the back. Moments later Gill walked past a bus stop and ripped the sleeve from her jacket on a jagged bit, then later we were caught in the floods returning home from Cumbria University after dropping off our son. The A69 was closed, the road through Prudhoe was closed and it took us ages through 20+ inches of water. I am pleased it is Monday morning and I can start another week. Must go, I don't want to keep the contractors waiting.

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