Jul 27, 2008

Walking is dangerous

Saturday was parish walk day. A goup from the parish meet and take ourselves off for a wander. I like to do local walks and on Saturday it was me and Gill's turn to plan things so we walked a simple 6 miles from Newburn to Heddon and back. Strightforward you would think, especially after my 1200 mile expedition. It was all going well until the ruturn leg through Throckley. I missed my footing and tried to compensate by speeding up, tripped again, exciting the dog who knew it was time to run fast, ending up with me launching myself headfirst into the bank scrapping my knee, elbow and shoulder on route. My walking trousers were ripped, blood was running freely down my leg and I was lying in the nettles stunned, in agony and surrounded by concerned parishioners. Since the event my shoulder is as stiff as a young child who does not want to be put into a high chair. Archie the bull terrier is drawn to my knee where he administers his own medical care. I must be more careful.

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