Apr 17, 2008

Ever Onward

Gill's turn again. Thanks Leanne for all the bits of interesting information about the places the boys are visiting. I liked that a lot.
Day 9: Sunday 13th April
After a fight broke out in the pub the boys were in yesterday, and the police were called to sort things out, John and John thought it best not to camp too near the Mallard! They carried on a way in the dark until they came to a piece of waste land. It was only when they woke up this morning that they discovered that it appeared to be part of the local football ground! They made a swift departure and walked on until close to Beauly. Delicacies of the day: carrot soup and conornation chicken sandwich for lunch (purchased at a local shop) and chopped onion, Uncle Ben's rice and sliced smokey sausage for dinner (from the John and John cookbook!)
Day 10: Monday 14th April
Awoke to a sunny morning and walked all day in nice weather. They found that the terrain started to get hilly durng the course of the day. A sudden hail shower made them decide to put up their quick assembly shelter. Time to enjoy Weetabix with black tea (yes the tea is poured on the Weetabix!!). Camped near Drumadrossit (getting into Loch Ness country). Enjoyed Beef Casserole and a pint at the Fiddlers Arms; went to pay the bill only to find a very kind (John S thinks French, John D thinks Italian) couple had already paid it for them. People are so lovely! Camped at Drumnadrochit, famous for it's Loch Ness Monster Centre.
Day 11: Tuesday 15th April
Headed along the Great Glen today; a winding route that follows Loch Ness - ended up near to Invermoriston. No monsters spotted and no likely places to make camp either. Eventually found a proper site but then discovered it was caravans only! Oh well, when in doubt camp next to another cemetery! Meals in a Mug all round.
Day 12: Wednesday 18th April
A red letter day! The boys were able to use their British Waterways key to gain access to a toilet and shower block. They decided to take shower number 2 (whether they needed it or not)!
Camped beside the Caledonian Canal, right next to a loch. Quite a watery sort of day.

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