Mar 31, 2008

Sending the vicar on his way

It really was moving having my last service in the parish last night. It was good to see the church full of friends gathered to wish me well after the service. The next time I am due to be in church is 29th June which is a long way off. Clergy conference preparation today in Edinburgh and then John O’Groats here we come. Its good to see the choir looking so fine at the service last night. Robes made in Newburn by Stylestitch.

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Keith said...

John - just wanted to wish you the best of luck on the walk. We had our 'bon voyage' get together with John D on Saturday night. Even had a chance to try the backpack (are you really going to cart those 1200 miles !!!). Looking forward to keeping up with progress on the blog and maybe even walking with you at some stage ? What an achievment it will be at Lands End in 3 months time. Keith Watson