Feb 8, 2008

I can't believe its working so easily

After struggling with my old website blog for the past year or so I am delighted with this new one. I will link to it from the website one the comuter begins to speak to me again. On Sunday I am going back to my previous parish of Longbenton which will be very nice. Gill and I are invited to the vicarage for dinner after I have preached so that will give us an opportunbity to look around the house we used to live in. I wonder if it will feel the same, I expect it won't. I need to write a good sermon so I can make them think I used to be a good preacher and they will say nice things about me afterwards. Gill is sitting behind me and talking away. She has just come in after leaving the house at 7.30am. She is having the "should we have Fish & Chips or Chinese takeaway" discussion, but I don't really need to join in as she is happy arguing with herself. She is now leaving the office and going to get Dan, our yopungest son from work. I will find out eventually what's for tea, but I'm not really bothered. So it's now just me and the dog in the house. Archie is the dog, he is completly deaf. I'll try and show you a picture of him. If this blog works as well as it seems to be, I will be back soon.

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